Universal Password Manager


Have all your passwords in order and protect them


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If you are all day surfng the net, for sure that you have more than one account and sometimes you don’tremember the passwords of the different accounts.

If you have a lot of accounts and only one password for all of them, we recommend you to change them because it can be easier for a hacker to access all your data and accounts.

Universal Password Manager can be your solution, because one of the reasons why people only have one password is because they can’t remember all accounts and passwords they have,but thanks to Universal Password Maanager they will be able to have all accounts with their respective passwords all together in just one directory which, of course will be keyprotected.

By this way you will only have to remember one password, the one for Universal Password Manager, and then you will have the rest organised and protected ready to be used only by you.

Not only will you be able to add the nick and pass, but you will be able to add the site and some extra info.
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